VINNOVA FFI Project, Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation


Downloadable Tools

  • EATOP demonstrator

EAST-ADL Editor for different targets


  • EATOP Plugins

Synligare plugins as separate plugins (included in demonstrator above)

  • Arccore Components (Connector Creator, EMF Compare, TableView, etc.)

  • Error Model Generator

  • HiP-HOPS Bridge

  • Linear property Analyzer

  • Graphical Viewer/Editor

  • Version manager

  • Model Overview and metrics


  • EnterpriseArchitect

Enterprise Architect Plugin here


  • SystemWeaver

More info here - tool cannot be used stand-alone



Example Model

Simple model to use with the tooling


  • Example Brake-by-wire model can be found here:

In EATOP: Create empty EAST-ADL project and paste eaxml file into the project browser

VINNOVA FFI No: 2013-01296 | Budget: 14 Msek | Duration: October 2013- March 2016